At Home Exercise Videos

Are you looking for some online videos to help keep you moving from the comfort of your own living room?


If so, then this page is just for you!


WiseMoves Kingston is here to give you full access to a full variety of certified fitness instruction videos, to use any day, any time. 

Unlimited access to a variety of exercise programs, as well as new content

Exercise guidance from a certified, educated, experienced instructor

Exercise at a time that works best for you (anytime!)

Exercise safely, and comfortably from your own home

Specific videos to target your goals (balance, aerobics, strength training, flexibility, etc)


By participating in, and signing up for the WiseMoves Kingston exercise videos, you understand, accept and are aware of all risks that are associated with exercise. Everyone has a different fitness capacity and by signing up for this membership, you agree to participate at your own risk, discretion and at your own personal level. Please consult with your health care provider/physician before participating in any exercise program. WiseMoves Kingston does not accept any liability for damages and claims that may arise out of your participation in the exercise program. 

Monthly membership ($25/month)

Plan continues until cancelledYou can cancel at anytime. 

This membership will automatically renew every month.

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