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Specialized Parkinson's Fitness Programming

Listed below are the different services and components that are available to you with Wise Moves Kingston. We can incorporate any combination into our personal sessions, and group classes. All programs will be tailored specifically to suit the needs, goals, interests, and priorities of the individual or group. Online virtual services are available. 

Check out the sections below for more information!

  • Specialized Parkinson's Fitness Personal 1-1 Training

  • Parkinson's Fitness Group Classes (live in Kingston, Ontario)

  • Parkinson's Fitness Group Classes (online via zoom)

  • WaterART Common Movement Disorder Aquatic Personal 1-1 Training

  • Urban Poling Group Classes


Parkinson's Fitness
Adaptive In-Home Personal Training

Fitness training brought to the comfort of your own home. Sessions will be tailored to your needs, abilities and goals. This premium service offers the convenience of quality training, and all equipment brought right to your door.

Individualized, 1-1 fitness instruction

Sessions will be 1 hour in length.

Parkinson's Fitness
Group Classes

A Parkinson-specific exercise class that "makes function, exercise" to keep you moving and doing more of what you want to do! As you practice, you will be challenged physically and cognitively while working on fitness goals: strength, balance, agility, aerobics and flexibility. Exercises are designed to improve your fitness, counteract your PD symptoms and increase your daily activity. This whole body, function-focused exercise class will push you to do more than you think you can. Programs will be well rounded to serve the entire group. Classes can include seated, standing, and floor/mat options for all movements. Please contact for all price inquiries!

Locations :

In Person - Loyalist Township Leisure & Activity Centre

Online - Privately with WiseMoves Kingston 

Sessions are 1 hour in length

Virtual, online sessions available


WaterART Common Movement Disorder H2O Water Personal Training

You will have access to personalized fitness programs and individual water exercise instruction. Programs will be tailored for your goals and needs. These Parkinson's specific water exercise sessions will help you move better in everyday life, on land, and help counteract your Parkinson's symptoms. With personalized training, we will target the areas best suited to you. Care partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Sessions can take place with both feet firmly on the bottom of the pool and you'll have access to assistive and resistive equipment for sessions as well. Let's get moving today! Please contact for all inquiries.

Individualized, 1-1 fitness instruction

If access to a private pool, exercise instruction will be brought right to you

Sessions will be 60 min in length


Urban Poling Group Classes/Walks

Do you want to increase your fitness levels with a friend who also has Parkinson's Disease? We will gather a group, meet at a nice walking spot, work on our walking technique and get moving as a group. You will be coached on how to correctly walk with your poles, learn exercises to help you with strength and flexibility (seated and standing options), help with posture, and gain efficiency and confidence with walking.  Please contact for questions and pricing inquiries.  

Join your friends for a group class

Instruction brought to a meeting point (example: Lemoine Point Conservation Area)

Sessions will be about 60 min in length, but can be modified to the ability levels of the group.

Online - Virtual Zoom Session Testimonials

"Erin's classes are inspiring. She is always bright, positive and encouraging. I love the Zoom classes because they mean I don't have to get dressed and out into the cold, or shovel snow when winter comes. I get to see my friends who also participate in your classes and the fact that she sends us a recording after class means that I can repeat it or get my exercise in at a different time if I have missed something. Thank you so much Erin for all you do." - Pat

“Erin's PWR!Moves class have helped me focus on movement to improve my balance,  and strengthen muscles I need for basic things like getting up out  of a chair. With Erin's encouragement I have joined her virtual classes throughout COVID. It helps to know I am not alone.” - Maureen

"I sure look forward to "seeing" everyone even if in zoom. It is really important for social connections and keeping physical activity going. It is too easy to isolate especially during Covid times. I also enjoy the taping later during the week." - Wendy

“Although we are on Zoom , I feel as if we are part of a group....a group whom you look forward to seeing each time.  The  group dynamic is strong. Being on Zoom, if the weather is bad, you can still participate in the class. I really enjoy Erin’s classes!  Her upbeat attitude makes us want to strive harder....she make the class fun." - Doris

“I have benefitted from the PWR!Moves courses for people with Parkinson’s in many ways. The regular routine of committing to an exercise class is so important. The exercises are designed to help people cope with specific moves, and this is invaluable.  Excellent teaching, variety of activities, encouragement and challenge make the sessions really essential for me and I feel really lucky to have these courses available in the community.” -  Jim

B A L A N C E  & 

P O S T U R E 

Reduce risk of falls by practising

balance exercises and improving

overall body stability. 

C O O R D I N A T I O N 

Challenge your brain by moving multiple muscles & limbs to work together in unison


Increase range of motion at all joints (neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, hip, knee, ankle).


Help improve your vocal range by completing voice exercises in addition to moving your body.

W A L K I N G  &  S T R I D E 


Complete exercises to help you walk more effectively by improving stride length.


Improve activities of daily living by completing exercises that mimic everyday movements.

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