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Class Participant


"I was afraid to do many things, such as climb any stairs, step off a curb, walk more than a block, or go outside in snow or icy conditions. Learning correct balancing movements plus graduated exercises to strengthen the core muscles, I have now achieved confidence in all of those activities. I am no longer afraid that I will have a fall, but know that if I do, I would be able to get up on my own. All of this success is due to Erin’s inspiring leadership & guidance & I highly recommend her instructive classes!"

Class Participant & Personal Training Client


"Erin has unfailing enthusiasm and commitment to improving my strength and balance and mobility.  She doesn’t push me, she leads me.  She’s passionate about helping me to improve my quality of life.  She is so upbeat that I become upbeat too. If you’re considering a personal trainer, you need look no farther!"

Class Participant


"I enjoy Erin's classes, as she is very knowledgeable and always cheerful. She is a very good Fitness Instructor who meets the expectations and needs of each participant. I continue to attend her classes because I find them highly beneficial, especially to maintain my strength and balance. I would recommend her coaching methods to any one interested in taking up physical exercises."

Class Participant & Personal Training Client


"She consistently demonstrated mature judgment in her work with seniors, who obviously respected her guidance. Erin also guided me privately in a program which she designed to address my particular problems."

Personal Training Client


"Erin designed a personal program for me. I am a senior, and have some mobility issues after a knee replacement. She came to my home and taught me how to exercise properly to regain my strength, both in my home and in the pool. Erin is extremely positive and highly trained. She is dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors. I highly recommend her service."

Class Participant


"Now that I have completed the first phase of the PWR!Moves Parkinson Wellness Recovery Program I wish you to know that my mobility and endurance has improved. I appreciated the individual attention you were able to give me during our group sessions, and I have maintained several of the exercises in my home program. Thanks for your enthusiastic coaching."

Personal Training Client


I consulted Erin to ask for her help. She provided an assessment and an exercise routine designed to strengthen my core muscles and address my concerns.  Following this routine, I found that within a few weeks the pain had subsided considerably and I could now drive without the constant presence of back and hip irritation. I have had a big improvement in my physical stamina and abilities.  Thank you Erin!"

Personal Training Client


"Erin's consistency and positive attitude are nothing short of inspiring. I have found that my general strength, stamina, and sense of well-being have improved steadily and dramatically in the months that I have had the pleasure of working with her. I am delighted to have this opportunity to express my high regard for this young lady."

Personal Training Client


"Following a fall, I was looking for ways to improve my balance and my mobility.  Erin provided me with a comprehensive group of exercises that were specifically designed with my personal goals in mind.  In addition to giving me complete and detailed written instructions,  she also guided me through each exercise and was anxious to make sure that I felt comfortable and confident."

Personal Training Client


"Erin has helped me to enjoy exercising in our condo pool. I am feeling much better, and we have a few laughs too, which really helps. Everyone should try it. I plan to continue with Erin, as I have confidence in her abilities. She is a very caring person."

Class Participant


"I have the pleasure of having Erin O'Brien as a fitness instructor in three classes weekly at the Kingston Seniors Centre. Her classes are well-organized and provide the opportunity to stretch/strengthen the important muscles and joints of the body.  Erin varies the specific exercises from class to class while continuing to give them the same thorough explanation and attention to detail.  When demonstrating an exercise, Erin explains the purpose of it and the muscles and joints involved.  As well, she suggests a number of different levels so that the class is adaptable to each person's abilities.

I know that Erin is wholly committed to providing exercise programs for seniors, and in spite of her youth, she works very well with older people because of her pleasant and engaging personality, her wide knowledge of fitness and health, and her ability to perceive the particular needs of the people with whom she works."

Personal Training Client


I have been training with Erin for a year now. Erin designed a program for me, and watches me to make sure I'm doing it the right way. Every session Erin asks me how I feel, and modifies the program for that day to suit the needs of my body. I find this is very beneficial. Erin has a very contagious sense of optimism, and I find myself feeling better at the end of every session. Erin is very knowledgable, professional and highly qualified. She is also caring and takes pride in what she can help me achieve. I certainly recommend her to any friend who is looking for a personal trainer.

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