Erin's Story

How I got here

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Ever since I can remember, I have been an active individual. Exercise, sports and fitness have always been a huge part of my life. From growing up playing recreational, to very competitive elite sports, fitness has been a critical part of my emotional, physical and mental health. I took this passion for fitness and wellness and achieved a diploma in Fitness & Health Promotion at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. 

People often ask me why I chose to work with seniors. Many of my fellow Fitness & Health Promotion graduates are aiming to work with athletes or the younger crowd, and then there's me, who went in the exact opposite direction. 

My passion comes from the first job I ever had working with seniors. As a Recreation Assistant at a retirement residence, I witnessed the effects of physical activity first hand. When residents were active, I saw not only their physical shape and mobility levels improve, but also their mood and overall outlook on life. It was incredible. When I would ask residents how they were doing, more often than not, the residents that were physically active were the ones that responded with "great". From then on, I wanted as many of my clients to be as "great" as possible. 

I care about the people. I'm not a doctor and I can't control your quantity of life.  I can, however, significantly affect your quality of life.


I am a Fitness & Health Promotion Graduate, Personal Trainer, CCAA Seniors' Fitness Instructor, Aquatic Common Movement Disorder Instructor, Urban Poling Instructor and PWR!Moves (Parkinson Wellness Recovery) Certified Instructor in Kingston, Ontario. I would like to bring my knowledge and expertise for fitness into your life by providing individualized and group fitness programming. With physical activity comes an increased quality of life and my goal is to bring that to each and every client.

I deeply value the health and happiness of my clients and I am dedicated to working to improve both. My knowledge and experience in the fitness industry allows for a variety of opportunities to bring happiness, joy, and education to the clients with whom I interact. I believe I can make a positive difference in your life as your trainer.

Qualifications & Certifications

* Diploma in Fitness & Health Promotion

* Certified Personal Trainer (OFC)

* Certified PWR!Moves Fitness Instructor (Parkinson Wellness Recovery)

* Certified Aquatic Common Movement Disorder Instructor (WaterART)

* Certified Seniors Fitness Instructor (CCAA)

* Bone Fit Certified (Osteoporosis Canada)

* Certified Urban Poling Instructor

* Emergency First Aid & CPR C - AED (St John Ambulance) 


Courses & Continuing Education

* Urban Poling Instructor Certification [2021]

* Osteoporosis Canada Bone Fit Certification [2020]

* Aquatic Common Movement Disorder Instructor Certification (WaterART) [2020] 

* St John Ambulance Emergency First Aid CPR-C & AED [2020]

* Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy Webinar - Reducing the Risk of Falls in Later Life [2020]

* Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's Victory Summit Ottawa [2019]

* PWR!Moves Parkinson's Fitness Instructor Certification (Parkinson Wellness Recovery) [2019]

* Seniors Fitness Instructor Refresher Workshop [2018]

* K-Taping Pro Therapist (K-Taping Academy) [2018]

* Seniors Fitness Instructor Certification (CCAA) [2016]

* YMCA Fitness Summit [2016]

* Heart Wise Exercise Course [2016]

Volunteer Experience

* Parkinson Canada "Get Moving! Parkinson's & Exercise" Webinar Guest Instructor [2022]

* Pedaling for Parkinson's in PEC (guest speaker) [2021]

* Pedaling for Parkinson's in PEC [2019]

* Lap the Gats in Ottawa [2018]

* Lap the Gats in Ottawa [2017]